Advanced materials

Gnanomat has a wide range of hybrid nanocomposites made up by graphene and other carbon materials with nanoparticles and additives of different source for industrial applications.


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Graphene-Manganese oxide nanocomposite


This product, supplied as dry powder, is made of pristine graphene combined with manganese oxide nanoparticles. This material has shown excellent properties in applications as pseudocapacitors, catalyst and chemical sensing among others.

Graphene-Zinc oxide nanocomposite 


Supplied as the previous material as dry powder, this product is a graphene coated with nanoparticles of zinc oxide. This material, according to literature, has a great potential in applications as electrodes of energy storage devices, photocatalytic activity, photocurrent generation or antibacterial activity.

Graphene – Copper oxide nanocomposite 


This product, supplied as a dry powder, is a graphene coated with nanoparticles of copper oxide, and according to the literature has a high potential in applications that requires catalytic/photocatalytic activity, electrochemical glucose biosensor applications and also antibacterial activity.

Graphene-Silver nanocomposite 


The dry powder nanomaterial, according to literature, can be used in potential applications as inks on textiles for highly conductive wearable electronics, electrochemical sensors, catalytic and antibacterial activity, and detection of heavy metal ions.