Gnanomat gathers a multidisciplinary Team of PhDs in chemistry, physics, electrochemistry, and advanced materials, with extensive experience in product and business development in different sectors.

The company`s proprietary technology and disruptive platform, led us to the generation of a new family of versatile nanocomposites based on graphene and other forms of carbon, combined with metals and metal oxide nanoparticles. Our pilot plant has been designed to move our developments to industrial scale.

Gnanomat has been awarded and partnered in different projects with universities, tech centres and industrial companies:

Horizon 2020: GRAPHEEN Green and straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene-based nanomaterials.

Horizon 2020: INNPRESSME open INNovation ecosystem for sustainable Plant-based nano-enabled biomateRials deploymEnt for packaging, tranSport and conSuMEr goods.