Gnanomat is a nanotech-based company focused on the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of advanced materials to provide innovative, sustainable, and scaled solutions to different industrial sectors. 

Gnanomat manufactures and supplies highly performing, eco-friendly and sustainable products, for different industries, with particular emphasis in Energy Storage

Our proprietary technology and disruptive platform led us to the generation of a new family of versatile nanocomposites based on graphene and other forms of carbon.

Gnanomat collaborates with our partners creating projects to provide ad-hoc solutions to the customer industrial pains.  In these collaborations our partners set up an industrial challenge and from Gnanomat provide and design ad-hoc nanomaterials to address this challenge. 

We accompany our partner through all the road, providing and designing specific nanomaterials, setting up the tests and trials in industrial devices and agreeing with nanomaterial supply.


(Energy Storage Devices)

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Graphene-Based Nanomaterial with Superparamagnetic Properties

Gnanomat offers a range of hybrid nanomaterials for its customers to perform preliminary tests and open the possibility to co-develop advanced materials that meet their technical requirements. A novel nanocomposite with superparamagnetic properties is available as a...