Bringing you the future of nanomaterials.


Gnanomat designs, develops and manufacture engineered graphene-based nanomaterials to address different industrial applications with special emphasis in Energy Storage.


The mission of Gnanomat is to obtain ESS (Energy Storage Systems) more powerful and with higher energy storage capacity. We address this mission through a new generation of nanomaterials portfolio. All our developments and products are made under an environmental friendly policy to bring our industrial solutions to industrial scale and preserve the environment.


Gnanomat develops and manufactures its own products and collaborate with final users designing integrated nanomaterials.



(Energy Storage Devices)



Our mission is to provide
innovative and disruptive
solutions to industrial
applications through


We will definitively bring the
nanomaterials to industrial



Our protected technology
platform in continuous
development and
client-oriented approach
guarantee the market fit of
our products



We want to be one of the
first companies to bring
graphene and other
nanomaterials to industry at
large scale in big markets as
ESS (Energy Storage
Systems) among others

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In the race for the next-generation energy storage devices, lithium-ion batteries have become popular and made huge leaps in the last years. However, the power packs still show different drawbacks.  “What’s coming next are technologies that improve performance...

Patent granted to Gnanomat

Gnanomat S.L. ("GNA") has been awarded a patent by the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas, the Spanish patent office, covering a method of obtaining nanomaterials composed of carbonaceous material (e.g. graphene) and metallic oxides. The patent covers a key...

Gnanomat announces appointment of new Chief Technology Officer.

Gnanomat S.L. is pleased to confirm the incorporation of José Luis Ruiz tothe Company team as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, José Luis willbe responsible for medium and long-term planning and monitoring of thecompany’s development road-map. Also, he will be...