Gnanomat has enforced its product development in different applications and sectors. In addition, research collaborations with leading institutions and strategic commercial partnerships are enabling this disruptive technology to become a reality.

The characteristics of our nanomaterials allow us to offer solutions in the field of energy storage as active materials in hybrid devices as pseudocapacitors, and as electrocatalyst materials in Zinc-Air batteries and alkaline fuel cells.

  • Pseudocaps: in search of high energy and hybrid devices, Gnanomat design and manufacture eco-friendly and safe electrode materials as a positive and negative electrode increasing capacitance and energy density. 
  • Zinc-Air technology: bifunctional electrocatalyst increasing stability and life cycle cost, and less toxicity. 
  • Lithium-ion batteries: in search of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries Gnanomat designs anode electrode materials to improve capacity of current materials as graphite.
  • AFC: platinum-free catalyst reducing cost and offering sustainable and accessible material avoiding supply risks

The versatility of our materials points us to propose solutions in other applications as :

  • Soft magnetic properties materials: showing great potential at EMI shielding and RAM applications. There is a high interest to be applied in aerospace and defense, automotive and electronics.
  • Anti virus/microbial properties materials: showing these materials significantly inhibit viral infection and possess anti-viral activity towards SARS-CoV-2 . Antimicrobial properties materials can be applied to ceramics, natural stone and textiles.