Continuing with the commercial strategy of the company, Gnanomat launched the development of functional printing inks, accelerated by the recent grant through ICEX’s INNOVA INVEST programme. Gnanomat has been awarded funding up to 415 K€ to cover eligible costs.

With the launch of a new business line, Gnanomat will create a channel to formulate its products and provide end-user solutions to different markets through functional printing. This market is rather mature, and the company has identified very interesting commercial opportunities to exploit this business line in the short term. Moreover, this business line offers a great opportunity in other emerging markets where Gnanomat’s advanced products can provide significant added value, such as in EMI shielding, stealth applications, magnetic inks, and more.

The first products of this new business line are expected to be launched in the first half of 2024, with three different formulations for roll-to-roll, spray printing, and screen printing. After this initial stage of development, the company will continue developing new formulations that integrate its advanced materials.