Novel materials for microwave absorbing and electromagnetic interference shielding technologies have attracted a growing interest in the last years for defence (radar Cross section reduction and electronic warfare) or civil applications (data centres, EMI shielding or 5G deployment) among others. There are a few state-of-the-art products available in the advanced materials market for reducing electromagnetic fingerprints on ground, airborne or marine vehicles. There is, however, a proven technological demand for solutions that reduce electromagnetic fingerprints.

Gnanomat is proprietary of a technology that combines graphene with nanoparticles of metal oxides, providing the resulting nanomaterial properties as pseudocapacitance, biocide, catalyst or magnetism among others. This technology is fully compatible with industrial protocols and highly tunable, expanding the potential application of graphene in different applications.

Gnanomat recently developed hybrid nanomaterials graphene-based with magnetic properties. These materials were included in a collaboration with researchers of the Institute of Applied Magnetism of Universidad Complutense de Madrid (IMA-UCM) where X-band absorption properties of these materials were confirmed. These tests suggested that formulations containing  magnetic hybrid materials designed and manufactured with Gnanomat technology could be a plausible option to the design of technologies and products to reduce electromagnetic fingerprint.

These findings open the gate to extend the applicability of graphene materials to an application so challenging and exciting as the Low Observability.