HydraRedox Iberia S.L. and Gnanomat S.L. announce the signing of a
collaboration agreement. Under this agreement, Gnanomat will develop,
optimize and manufacture tailor-made advanced materials that will be utilized
in Hydra Redox Iberia’s vanadium redox batteries.
During the collaboration, development teams from both companies will work
together to design and develop advanced nanomaterials. These nanomaterials
will be synthesized, analyzed and tested to demonstrate successful performance
in HydraRedox Iberia’s batteries.

About HydraRedox Iberia
HydraRedox Iberia is a Spanish SME formed to develop, manufacture and
commercialize large scale batteries based on a proprietary vanadium-redox

About Gnanomat
Gnanomat S.L. is a Spanish company active in nanotechnology that develops
and manufactures high added value nanomaterials for a variety of final
applications, including Energy Storage. Gnanomat’s business model is based on
collaboration with Energy Storage partners, to optimize advanced