Our business model allows us to develop Gnanomat´s own nanomaterials portfolio and to make joint-ventures to integrate and customize nanomaterials in our customer devices.

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Gnanomat is devoted to be the first company worldwide to bring graphene-based nanomaterials at industrial scale.

  • In 2017, we have signed our first contract with a private company in the area of ESS.
  • Gnanomat is your partner of choice to bring nanotechnology to the Energy Storage market.
We are your nanotechnology partner:

Industrial partner:

We are interested to make early interactions with our industrial partners to design and optimize products that from the first moment address the customer pains and are fully viable in industrial applications. Gnanomat signs agreements to bring the company products to the market, making a relevant industrial impact.

We also participate in the viability of low-scales developments. Our customer approach is to stablish collaborations with third parties to bring new products to pre-industrial and afterwards industrial scale.

Strategic partner:

We construct solid B2B collaborations to understand our customer pains and design reliable and viable solutions for them. We are willing to strength our value chain with relevant and meaning partners (raw material providers, application manufacturers) through joint-ventures, long term collaborations, etc.