Gnanomat offers a range of hybrid nanomaterials for its customers to perform preliminary tests and open the possibility to co-develop advanced materials that meet their technical requirements.

A novel nanocomposite with superparamagnetic properties is available as a dry powder upon request at Combining graphene and nanoparticles of metal oxides, following the Gnanomat protected technology, this material exhibits superparamagnetic properties which offers a whole new frontier to generate new products for a variety of applications.

Magnetic nanocomposites can readily respond to external magnetic fields which allow them to be manipulated. Potential applications of the material include the treatment of wastewater whereby pollutants are adsorbed onto the graphene surface. The material also lends itself to biomedical and biotechnology applications, or defence applications requiring the shielding of electromagnetic fields. Also, in processes such as magnetofection and drug delivery.

Regarding regulatory concerns, Gnanomat’s hybrid nanomaterial toxicity has already been tested to some extent by the Toxicology Research Group of ICCRAM-Universidad de Burgos in the project NANOCOMP, concluding that materials analysed can be considered as non-irritant nanomaterials according to the EU and United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling Chemicals.

Hence, our magnetic hybrid materials are an excellent alternative to develop fine solutions to develop downstream materials. All the properties of these materials need to be tested in products as masterbatches, inks or polymers as vehicles to bring the benefits of this material to the final applications.

Gnanomat is willing to explore collaborations with industrial partners to explore new industrial opportunities.