Gnanomat has internalized all the critical steps of the product development: from lab research to preindustrial manufacturing with our pilot plant. Thanks to the unique features of our technology, it has the potential to become the golden-standard method for industrial production of graphene-based materials, offering a solution to overcome the critical barriers in exploiting the benefits of these materials in energy storage devices.

The company develops a compelling R&D program to bring nanomaterials to industry. In particular, but not exclusively, we are focused in develop nanomaterials based on graphene.

Graphene-based materials have emerged as the ideal candidates to substitute other conventional materials currently used as electrodes in energy storage devices.

Graphene is a nanomaterial that gathers together the extraordinary properties of great mechanical and tensile strength, the largest surface area described for any other material, a high chemical stability and superior thermal and electrical conductivities. The combination of these extraordinary properties makes of graphene a unique material. However, what really makes of graphene a huge promise is that graphene in essence is carbon; one of the most abundant elements in earth. This is why graphene has attracted a huge social, economic and industrial interest over the last years and this is why some sources predict that graphene will become the responsible of the next technological revolution.

We believe that the only way for graphene to be implemented in energy storage devices is by using it to create tailored products for each application and end user.

Gnanomat is focused in generation of products covering the most urgent pains for the Energy Storage device manufacturers. They need devices:

More powerful

With higher energy storage capacity

More environmental friendly, containing less toxic components.

Our products has shown remarkable functional improvement at lab scale over current market standards.