Gnanomat is a 100% private company based in Spain, founded in 2014.


The Company is devoted to bring the next-generation nanomaterials designing and manufacturing nanomaterials for Industrial application, and in particular Energy Storage.

Gnanomat is willing to be the first company to bring graphene to the Energy Storage devices by scalable and industrial viable solutions.

The Company holds Intellectual Property assets over a disruptive technology where relies the company competitiveness. Also its green technology approach helps the Company to offer an extremely attractive product as a preferred solution for new and existing applications in the Energy Storage market. The new generation devices demand green procedures.

Gnanomat commits the following key values:

Customer focus

Gnanomat business model allow us to develop our own products and collaborate with our final customers in the developing of ad-hoc solutions to satisfy customer specific requirement.

Viable solutions

Our developments are planned to supply at large-scale provisions and to address real industrial demands.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team is made up by a variety of technical profiles (from engineers to nanotechnologist) and managerial skills, to facilitate market penetration andbusiness development. Gnanomat integrate key capabilities of product development to bring laboratory scale hits to pre-industrial scale (hundreds of Kg).

Safety and Environmental responsibility

Our policy aims to ensure that our products and procedures mitigate toxicity and meet ethical and regulatory restrictions. Gnanomat green technology approach proves sustainability of nano-based materials compared to conventional products over the whole life cycle.

Gnanomat position in the Energy Storage value chain



Gnanomat has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738864; and Repsol Foundation Fondo de Emprendedores.