Gnanomat is a company involved in emerging field of nanomaterials technology. We have developed and patented a new process for the production of graphene based nanomaterials, which offers clear advantages over competing processes like its environmental friendliness, its cost efficiency and its enormous versatility for the production of high added value nanomaterials.

our values

Our differential values can be summarized as follow:

  • The scientific excellence of our solutions: We count on a sound scientific background in the nanotechnology, materials and chemistry fields being brought to our company by our founders and team members.
  • A strong commitment with the environment: Our processes use environmental friendly solvents, being therefore suitable for large scale production of nanomaterials with low environmental impact.
  • Our passion for research and innovation: we are passionate for contributing the future of our society from research and innovation.



our mission

Our mission is to develop new alternative materials to serve the needs of several industrial sectors like Energy, Transport, Electronics, Lubricants, Water treatment, Paints and Coatings, among others. We provide solutions to these sectors based on more efficient and cleaner procedures that yield high quality nanomaterials.

our vision

Our vision is to become a leading player of the graphene-based nanomaterials sector, a fast growing market segment with a huge potential to disrupt the whole industrial sector in the upcoming years.
Thanks to the unique features of our technology, it has the potential to become a gold-standard method for industrial production of graphene based materials, offering a solution to overcome the critical barriers in exploiting the potential of graphene.



our strategy

Gnanomat is actively seeking new opportunities to increase the potential of our patented technology, using a three-fold strategy:

  • Co-development of nanomaterials based on graphene, to meet the needs of application developers.
  • Production and selling small scale quantities of advanced graphene-based materials to supply research needs.
  • Moving our technology to large-scale industrial manufacturing through licensing agreements.